Tex Plastics win a six figure account at Business Expo as new customer seeks to rationalise European supply chain

New Business Development Director Lee Barker explains how the new business was won after meeting the Managing Director of another East Midlands based company who needed plastic components manufacturing in the UK.

16th February 2018

18 months on from the initial contact and the new account is up, running and benefiting both parties

Tex Plastics are supplying products and delivering the client cost savings, this is partly because they are buying products in Sterling. But also because using a Derby based supplier rather than a European one, the delivery costs are lower and scheduling is more flexible. However, the feedback from the client was that the greatest benefit in using a local plastics injection moulding company, was they were able to liaise directly with the Tex Plastics technical team to enhance the product at the early design stages.

We’re finding appearing at Expo’s is paying dividends

It’s difficult to explain the differences you make to a company if you are simply quoting on a plastic component. However at the right quality of Expo and speaking with a ‘decision maker’ level of delegate, we’re finding it’s easy to highlight the possible savings. This isn’t about reducing a component price by a few pence per unit, but rethinking the supply chain process and making significant savings and improving products.

Understanding our clients better has revealed great opportunities to reduce costs

Design-rationalisation, assessment and a 360° review at the start of all new component production pays massive dividends. It results in a more robust and ‘fit for purpose’ component with minimal waste, which is manufactured in the most efficient way.  It’s key to minimising lead-times and reducing all elements of risk before going into full production.

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