Sound proofing component reduces more than noise when made in plastic

Manufacturer who designs components to remove noise, vibration and harshness problems for industrial vehicles chooses Tex Plastics to develop innovative product replacements.

30th March 2018

Solving problems that exist within slow moving, large engine off-highway vehicles

As a major supplier of polyurethane floor mats, headliners and trim for agriculture and construction equipment OEM’s in Europe, the client needed to improve the finished quality of one of its innovative new product prototypes. Approaching Tex Plastics they explained the critical qualities the component needed and the Tex Plastics development team set to work on providing a solution.

Reviewing the supply chain and manufacturing process identified key savings

The major element within the component was originally going to be manufactured out of metal. However this meant hand working the complex fitting shape as it couldn’t be machine produced. This hand working was expensive and time consuming – and it also meant the product had quality issues with the accuracy of shape.

The solution was a technical polymer, a complex mould which reduced costs and improved quality

Tex Plastics were able to design a mould and specify a technical polymer which could retain the strength qualities afforded by the metal solution. The complex mould design meant the component could be machine produced and provide the consistency and accuracy required for the finished product. The added benefit was this new manufacturing approach would make the end product lighter, with a better finish and significantly reduce the manufacturing costs.

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