Tex Plastics invest in rolling machine programme

Greater capacity, lower carbon footprint and enhanced production quality through a continual investment in the latest plastic injection moulding technology.

13th April 2018

5 new machines bring multiple benefits

As the pressure to keep up with demand increases the growth in manufacturing capacity, Tex Plastics have developed a rolling investment plan with several key machine and equipment suppliers.

Newer more energy efficient machines produce more for less

The key in manufacturing is to be as lean as possible, and at Tex Plastics we have found the rolling investment in new equipment and technology has enabled us to provide our customers with better options. It means we are continually renewing plant and have reduced maintenance costs coupled with higher production capacity.

Customers benefit too

The newer more energy efficient equipment means we’re keeping our cost base low so we can provide the most competitive rates. What’s more, the continual renewal process means we can often revisit older contracts and manufacturing processes with possible cost down options.

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