Tex Plastics undergoing investment backed by forward thinking Group

Whether you are for Brexit or against it, businesses need to prepare and the uncertainty resulting from the negotiations has left some businesses rudderless.

24th September 2018

As HMS Queen Elizabeth captures the nation’s imagination and starts a new chapter in our naval history, it could be seen as a metaphor for Brexit. She will navigate the globe, present a new perspective on Britain in uncertain times. Amid all the controversy and speculation since her commission in 2007 – as she set sail from Portsmouth on 18th August this year, the UK was fully behind her with a tangible sense of pride.

Tex Holdings plc – backing Britain

Tex Holdings plc company. Tex Special Projects Limited, were instrumental in the development of the innovative Flying Control Room solution (“FLYCO”) for the Royal Navy QEC Aircraft Carriers. Mike McCarthy (Tex ATC Division Managing Director) won a BAE Systems Chairman’s Bronze Design Innovation Award for the QEC FLYCO glass in recognition of his work. It’s this spirit of innovation the group board seeks to support across its family of companies.

Group strength & diversity essential in uncertain times

2018 has seen an increase in UK businesses failing, including some huge retail names falling on their swords. In with general mix across the sectors – including fellow plastic injection moulding companies – the uncertainty in the market means many companies hold tight. The Tex Holdings Group has provided the clear message to both Barnstaple and Derby sites, on the intentions for the future – invest and go for growth! The management team at Tex Plastics have responded with a robust plan which is already paying dividends.

Tex Holdings plc – Investing in Britain

Tex Holdings plc is the parent company of Tex Plastics, and has a total annual turnover of over £42million. Tex Holdings plc is predominantly a manufacturing group supplying plastic injection moulding and tooling, engineering products and boards and panels to a wide spectrum of industries.



BSP International Foundations Limited
Design and manufacture of a proprietary range of piling and dynamic compaction equipment for the ground engineering sector.

Tex Engineering Limited
Manufacture and sale of road-making and associated equipment, trailers and steel enclosures.

Eurotex International Limited
Marine diesel engine and governor rebuilding; parts supply and technical support; engineering and procurement services.

Design and assembly of bespoke high-quality diesel powered electrical generator sets.

Tex A.T.C. Services Limited
Design, manufacture and installation of air traffic control rooms.

Tex Special Projects Limited
Design and manufacture of bespoke and modular structures; radio frequency-blocking glazing for both civilian and military applications.



Tex Plastics (Derby) Limited
Precision injection moulding, assembly and finishing services, tooling procurement.

Tex Plastics (Barnstaple) Limited
Precision injection moulding, assembly and finishing services, tooling procurement.



QK Honeycomb Products Limited
Manufacture and sale of lightweight boards and panels.


Tex Holdings plc – Export Market

15% of the Group’s total products are directly exported throughout the world. Some products supplied to the UK are eventually incorporated in overseas contracts. Brexit will impact on overseas business – how is yet to be understood, but the group maintains a positive outlook and has confidence in its management teams and Britain’s ability to innovate, adapt and capitalise on the challenges ahead.

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