New Plastic Moulding Process Manager

New process manager, Richard Bromley (left) strengthens the Tex Barnstaple team, bringing over 25 years of plastic moulding process experience. Justin Davis (Managing Director of Tex Plastics) explains how the business must constantly seek to improve.

1st October 2018

Constantly Improving the Plastic Moulding Process

“Richard Bromley has spent his entire career optimising and improving the plastic moulding process at a variety of UK moulders. Having moved away from the Barnstaple area with his family to join a large plastic injection moulding company, he took the opportunity to work with Tex Plastics and return to the region he loved. It’s great to have someone join the team with such a depth of knowledge about the Plastic Moulding Process.”

Justin Davies, Managing Director, Tex Plastics

A great opportunity to provide a different perspective on plastic moulding process

“What’s really nice about returning home and working in this new role of process manager, for me is Tex Plastics is a very different type of plastic injection moulding business. I’ve worked in very competitive environments, and although larger than Tex Plastics, they didn’t have the backing of a group. What’s reassuring about this for me is that the vision and investment from the group enables us to make the right choices moving forward – not simply the ones which will make the short term figures look good.”

Working with the team here we’ve already made big improvements

“My skills are in management, technology product development and with a strong focus on continuous improvement. There wasn’t anything within the plastic moulding process which needed dramatic change at Barnstaple – but small incremental changes here and they have started to reap rewards. What’s been really nice about joining Tex Plastics, is the people, everyone is open to look for a better way. Working with the team here we’ve already made big improvements in a relatively short period, so I’m looking forward to what the future brings.”

Richard Bromley, Process Manager Tex Plastics Barnstaple

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