UK Plastic Moulding Companies

More energy efficient machines and the increased use of collaborative robots strengthens Tex Plastics position within leading UK Plastic Injection Moulding Companies.

22nd October 2018

UK Plastic Moulding Companies must invest to remain competitive

There has been a surge in UK based companies looking to relocate their plastic injection moulding to Britain and gain pricing stability in the face of sterling sustained drop against the Euro and Dollar. As Tex Plastics continues to position itself as one of the leading technical plastic moulders in the UK, it’s this returning market we are targeting. As a result, Tex Plastics has an ongoing investment focused on meeting the technical plastic moulding needs of businesses looking for cost efficient injection moulders in the UK.

UK Companies need highly competitive plastic moulding

“The key to being more competitive is having the best processes, people and equipment. Equipment needs to keep pace with the latest technologies, which is why we’ve taken the step to replace older machines with new energy efficient moulding units. These new machines have built-in integration for collaborative robots – which means we can manufacture more efficiently and consistently. This dramatically reduces energy bills and running costs, whilst providing the environmental credentials our customers need for the carbon footprint of their products.”

Guy Sentence, Production Director, Tex Plastics Derby

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