A new ‘Paint Spray Facility’ for plastic components

Tex Plastics Derby has invested in a revolutionary new ‘in-house paint spray facility’ to increase efficiencies and extend customer options on plastic moulded components.

29th October 2018

In-house paint spray facility will provide quicker product response times

Traditionally if you require painted surfaces or decorative surfaces, Tex Plastics outsourced this specialist technical painting to a third party. Whether you require a plain colour, metallic finish or Anti- Microbial coating, Tex Plastics were dependent upon our suppliers provide us with the right solutions. However, packing, dispatching and receiving the painted plastic components back after spraying and quality checking – prior to assembly or additional finishing – all took time and resources.

Potential cost savings to customers from in-house paint spray facility

The initial capital investment of the paint spraying facility includes the spraying machinery, the spray booth cell and the training of dedicated personnel. Following an extensive testing period, Tex Plastics expect to be able to provide customers with both greater choice on finish options and potential cost savings. The paint spray facility will be commissioned for a single line of painted plastic components initially. Once the in-house facility for painting plastic components is fully up and running, it will have additional capacity. This additional capacity will be offered to any Tex Barnstaple or Tex Derby clients with current or potential paint spraying needs

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