UK Plastic Injection Moulding

Lee Barker, Tex Plastics director, explains how UK plastic injection moulding is making a strong commercial argument to those who have their plastic moulding offshore.

12th November 2018

Why UK Plastic Injection Moulding cost savings can be very significant.

As businesses seek out UK Plastic Injection Moulding companies, the cost savings they experience are typically greater than those from the seemingly long-term low sterling exchange rates. Add in inefficiencies of time zones, language barriers, supply chains and cultural differences – and you can start to understand why technical injection moulding advancement in the UK is leaping a head of the low-cost manufacturing centres overseas.

UK Plastic Injection Moulding is now more cost effective

What I’ve noticed as a trend, even before the Brexit referendum, was the lack of innovation from overseas plastic injection moulders. Each year with our customers we carryout a 360 review of the contract. This incorporates everything involved within the Plastic Injection Moulding process, from the materials, machines and tooling, through to the wider supply chain. I’m confident this review makes us a better supplier – and what we’ve found with most opportunities we come across is there are great potential cost savings when OEM’s decide to use a UK Plastic Injection Moulding company.

UK Plastic Injection Moulding now more technical

With this annual 360 review, my colleagues here are challenged to find a better way – and whether it’s a change in material to provide product enhancements – or a more cost effective logistics solution – the clients always get a better technical solution. With the new collaborative robotic systems, the more complex Plastic Injection Moulding options become available, there may not be a single huge cost saving – but a multiple of several factors which add up to a significant saving.

Need a comprehensive review of your plastic injection moulding?

If you use UK or overseas plastic injection moulding companies, Tex Plastics can offer you a discrete review – at no obligation – to explore if you’re getting the best plastic injection moulding solution. With Plastic Injection Moulding facilities in the Midlands and South West, Tex Plastics are able to provide great distribution across the UK.

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