Hard or Soft – Britain will succeed

With only months left before Brexit, UK manufacturing is preparing for possible changes in customs procedures, impact on supply chains, and the potential of much more.

2nd January 2019

Business gets nervous with uncertainty in the air, and whatever Brexit finally looks like, we know it will fundamentally change our trading relationships. But as the press and politicians play to their personal agendas, British Manufacturing has overcome the initial worry and confusion of the leave vote and rolled its sleeves up and got on with it.

British Manufacturers have a pragmatic outlook

JCB and Dyson, two of Britain’s biggest and most successful manufacturers argued that in order for British manufacturing to survive. “The UK has to expose itself to international competition and needs to focus on selling into the fast growing markets of the future.

Tex Plastics advice is to get past the ubiquitous doom and gloom rhetoric in the media

The modern business world changes fast, and the fastest growing companies are outside Europe. Leaving the EU represents opportunities if we get past the ubiquitous doom and gloom rhetoric in the media. Small and medium-scale manufacturing businesses can better position themselves for the long-term if they have the desire. Britain’s export potential outside of the EU stands to thrive. Britain’s reputation as a trade leader means potentially the country could fare better by ‘going it alone’. It may have been better staying in the EU but this is no longer an option and we now need to maximise all the opportunities out there.

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