Tex Plastics Division Focus on Productivity

For workforces to be more productive, they need more skills. This has resulted in a combination of recruiting new apprentices and up-skilling current staff. Working with an external agency we have developed bespoke plans which are affordable for the business, align with the vision of the company’s senior management team and give a real return on investment. 

7th January 2019

Using a mix of classroom learning as well as real life ‘shop floor’ projects to instil lean manufacturing techniques. We are able to train and upskill existing staff, with a focus on improving productivity, reducing waste and a return on investment through financial savings.

One of the biggest concerns in our business is managing the challenges of an ageing workforce. Apprenticeship training has provided Tex Plastics with an opportunity to identify future leaders and address the skills gaps which may hamper our growth.

We’ve been particularly happy with the impact on the recruitment of younger people through adopting the ‘modern apprenticeships’ and are pleased to announce Ben Rumble (Electrical Maintenance Apprentice) and Oliver Louffingham (Electrical Maintenance Apprentice) have joined our Barnstaple team.

Adopting a more positive commitment to training has already paid dividends and it has increased commitment, higher morale, better retention and improved productivity in the workplace.

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