Tex A.T.C. Air Traffic Control Room Design

Tex ATC Services are a niche engineering group who are recognised as the global leaders in air traffic control room design, manufacture and installation. Providing Visual Control Rooms (VCR’s) solutions for both civilian and military applications worldwide. 

21st January 2019

Innovative In-house Design & Project Management

Vast experience, knowledge of material applications combined with continual research and development means Tex ATC provide value engineered VCRs and optimised operational environments. The Tex ATC team of highly experienced technical consultants, designers and engineers develop all projects in-house. Air traffic control room structural steel and cladding systems are test-assembled, quality controlled and certified. This is combined with specialist glazing technology which is tailored to the varying environmental challenges and client requirements. 

Logistically Challenging Manufacture & Installation

The majority of VCRs are specialised, bespoke and in operationally sensitive locations across the world. Which is why, all components are manufactured and finished to the highest standards for maximum strength, longevity and aesthetics. The complete air traffic control room solution is expertly installed by the Tex ATC field engineering team under the supervision of our highly experienced technical project managers.

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