Design and assembly of bespoke high-quality diesel-powered electrical generator sets.

4th February 2019

Global Power Generation Solutions

G&M TEX have worked on some of the most prestigious and demanding power generation projects in the world. Their range of bespoke AC generators ranging up to 3mW, cater for a wide range of markets including naval, data centres, airports, super yachts and offshore installations.

Marine Power Generation

Ranging from super yachts, work boats, research vessels, ice breakers, military defence to patrol vessels and nuclear barges. Successful projects have been completed for navies around the world including Australia, UK, & USA plus a number of NATO fleets. G&M TEX is an approved vendor to BAE systems, Babcock and Cammell Laird.

Industrial Power Generation

Custom designed in-house, our generators supply critical back up power systems to a range of different sectors in the industrial market. G&M TEX is a leading supplier of critical backup power systems for utility companies, major airports, government agencies and the healthcare industry. Our generators are provided for base load power, emergency power and standby power, peak lopping and exporting.

Offshore Power Generation

G&M TEX design are uniquely positioned to translate our extensive experience in the marine and industrial sectors top develop solutions for the ever growing offshore power generation market. Designing and manufacturing bespoke generators for offshore environments such as floating docks, oil and gas platforms, windfarms and many other projects in this sector.

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