Airfield Damage Repair Sales

Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) is an essential part of airbase survival. ADR provides the repair of Minimum Aircraft Operating Surfaces (MAOS) so that operational flying can be quickly resumed.

18th February 2019

Meeting the stringent standards of the MoD

ADR Sales offers a complete material package including establishing and implementing the appropriate tactical principles combined with the necessary training. Ensuring individuals can operate and maintain their equipment and teams have the skills to perform the successful completion of rapid runway repairs on an airbase in war. The unique equipment and materials use the latest state of the art techniques within the framework of a fully balanced and flexible Airfield Damage Repair system. The solutions are designed and developed to meet the Military and Air Staff requirements of the Royal Air Force for Airfield Damage Repair.

ADR Sales Rapid Runway Repair Incorporates:

The ADR Compactor is a military variant of the Rapid Impact Compactor based on a hydraulic piling hammer. It is designed to integrate with Airfield Damage Repair equipment and reduce repair lead-times on bomb crater repairs.

Mobile Flood Grout Mixing System – a unique system which is able to mix ADR grout powder with an accurate amount of water in a minimum cycle time.

ASR-I Grout Powder – a non-shrink repair grout designed to give controlled high strength to damaged concrete airfield runways under different weather conditions.

Bomb Damage Repair Mats – heavy duty corrugated aluminium trackway panels that interlock to form an area mat. Tapered fairing panels at each end complete the mat and provide a ramp for the aircraft tyres.

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