5 Key reasons OEM outsources injection moulding

When a leading OEM in the construction sector needed to expand production, they reviewed their core manufacturing requirements and chose to outsource plastic injection moulding to Tex Plastics. They found they could buy in injection moulding more cost efficiently and it released space to grow.

13th May 2019

5 Key reasons for outsourcing their injection moulding

When questioned about their decision to outsource their injection moulding to Tex Plastics, the OEM gave some insightful feedback. 

1) Cost Savings

All injection moulding projects come with a long list of specific requirements and challenges and very often moulded parts that seem inexpensive to manufacture actually require a significant investment in infrastructure to get the job done right.

2) Improved Quality, Optimal Value

Tex Plastics provided a dedicated administrative staff, experienced project designers and certified quality management for final inspections, outsourcing a plastic injection moulding project ensures top-of-the-line quality at premium value — every step of the way. 

3) Streamlined Inventory

Optimal production capacity and large-scale inventory resources also allow Tex Plastics to expedite new products efficiently. Having the right part quantities available at the right time can be a challenge, but working with turnkey manufacturers can greatly simplify the process.

4) Economics of Scale

Tex Plastics can handle a much higher workload than their in-house injection moulding setup. Due to the sheer volume of their production, Tex Plastics have already vetted the best vendors in the industry, and have established relationships with premium suppliers for the best products available. 

5) The Impact of Experience

Tex Plastics are experts at what they do and has specialised in plastic injection moulding since ????, working with companies in nearly every type of industry to create top-of-the-line custom plastic parts. This broad expertise allows the team to offer high-quality, high-volume parts at the lowest possible costs.

When these factors were considered the OEM chose to outsource their plastic injection moulding

The OEM found the challenge of injection moulding in-house often lead to inefficiencies and costly, time-consuming issues despite best efforts to streamline processes. This was because of the high quality and quick turnaround they required when producing their custom plastic components. By partnering with a trusted injection moulder like Tex Plastics they had a highly reliable turnkey solution for plastic injection moulded part production. They also gained access to cutting-edge equipment and can work with a highly skilled, experienced team delivering lower costs as well as higher quality.

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