Tex Plastics Partnership to Recruit

With new contracts, increased internal opportunities and more flexible working opportunities, we find ourselves continually recruiting to discover the right candidates.

21st June 2019

We’re on the hunt for more people

This is because the continued growth of the Tex Plastics Group in Barnstaple & Derby is dependent upon finding, attracting and retaining the best people. Because it’s the people in your company who will ultimately determine its success.

“If as Richard Brandson suggests, the competitive advantage begins with looking after your people, we need to ensure we attract the best candidates – and I’m confident with the help of Sierra 57 Consult, we stand the best chance of achieving this.”

Justin Davies, Tex Plastics Managing Director.

Why Tex Plastics has teamed up with Sierra 57 Consult

Finding reliable, conscientious employees is hard, and getting harder all the time. Research suggests there’s a strong link between employee engagement and productivity and here at Tex Plastics, we pay close attention to improving the motivation and engagement of our employees. This means we want to recruit the best candidates for the roles available and is why we have appointed Sierra 57 Consult, a specialist recruitment agency.

More about Sierra 57 and how they work with Tex Plastics

For the past 3 years, Sierra 57 have been proud to represent Tex Plastics as their recruiter of choice, focusing our resources and internal recruitment talent capabilities on helping this exciting company to secure the key individuals to enable their growth aspirations. In the words of Justin Davies, MD of Tex Plastics Group then we have “always delivered an exceptional service in understanding our expectations for the Tex Plastics Group”.

The relationship began between Sierra 57 and Tex Plastics as a result of the desire to secure the best talent, and we are uniquely placed in the marketplace as an Engineering Technical Recruiter that is run by engineers, recruiting engineering professionals on behalf of engineering clients. This unique standpoint is what sets us apart, enabling a thorough insight into the sector and a superb understanding of our clients’ businesses.

We have become specialists in Engineering & Manufacturing sectors, working throughout the supply chain providing key personnel and going the extra mile to ensure an excellent cultural fit of individuals to the business. We ensure that with all our clients just as we do with Tex Plastics, we understand not only the internal culture of the business but also the skills matrix, geographical attraction of the area and the succession planning intentions of our clients.

A key component of our success during this time is our focus on not only finding the best talent available, but also seeking out those that match the culture and ethos of the business, ensuring that those that join are like-minded in their approach and able to support existing production capabilities as well as supporting deliverables to their end customers.

Of paramount importance in this process is stressing the location of this superb firm, it is not simply a matter of showcasing their commercial credentials and production competencies, but also the facilities, amenities and local attractions available in the nearby area, at both the Barnstaple and Derby plants.

It is important not just to ensure an excellent technical match but also to promote the quality of life – an often critical motivator for those seeking a change, and something that is viewed as a high priority by this excellent business. As a result it features high on our agenda when seeking out candidates on their behalf.

Not only do we ensure that the individual is right for the business and vice versa, but we also understand that flexibility is an often overlooked trait that can have a massive positive impact on a company’s recruitment process, and as a result we offer a range of options to help ease the impact of recruiting through agency support. We offer a number of possible ways to engage our services – spread payments, subscription service, trial and buy, extended rebate periods, retained recruitment… and we recognise that no two businesses are the same and are able to tailor our offering to each unique client.

In our line of work it is tough to find those with the right skillset, and it is fundamental for us to maintain a focus on the key aspirations of our clients in order to attract the right individuals whilst operating within this competitive and somewhat uncertain market. As Justin put it then our “comprehensive broad knowledge of the industry brings a structured and methodical approach” to the recruitment process of Tex Plastics.

Our role is to constantly seek out and contact those with the skills on a technical level, whilst screening to ensure that only those that also have the right cultural fit are then enticed to join this expanding business and enable their continued growth.

We look forward to a bright future in partnership with Tex Plastics and pleased to know that they also view things in a similar vein, with Justin concluding “going forward we identify that the Sierra 57 team continue with the sterling work in supporting our technical staffing needs” and we plan to closely support the continued growth of the Tex Plastics Group in Barnstaple & Derby.

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