Daniel now recruiting his own ‘automation apprentice’

Former Tex Plastics maintenance apprentice Daniel Tanser has risen through the ranks and now heads up the automation team. His apprenticeship journey from maintenance to robotics was a great example of the opportunities at Tex Plastics for those seeking a new challenge.

19th July 2019

Need for more automation specialists driven by rapid expansion in robotics

As more and more in the product manufacturing process becomes automated, there is a growing need for people who ‘get technology’. As Daniel explained

“Collaborative robots use a kind of ‘PlayStation’ technology to enable fast programming of cycles. Typically on shorter runs of complex actions, the programming could take a significant amount of time. The new style of programming is a lot easier and more intuitive.”

In just a couple of years from apprentice to mentor

“Working with technology is something I’ve grown up with so I found the transition from maintenance to programming the cycles easy. Tex Plastics have been great in encouraging me to develop my skills and broaden my role. I’m now looking forward to developing my experience here at their Derby site, as I take on my own apprentice and mentor their development.”

Daniel Tanser, Tex Plastics Automation Team

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