Optimised floor space increases tool store

With growth comes the inevitable challenge of space, and the need to store the injection moulding tooling efficiently on site at the Derby facility.

4th August 2019

Investment in new stores with innovative ‘flexi-approach’

With the Derby tool stores groaning under the pressure of more tooling, a radical rethink was needed. The space available couldn’t be allocated any more square footage, so how could the storage be reconfigured to get more from the space available? Working with experts in optimising warehousing storage space, the Tex Plastics Derby team explored how they could make the space work harder.

Pivot head forklift, optimised floor space and increased tool store capacity

Pivot head forklifts are very narrow aisle counterbalanced trucks and are sometimes known as Flexi trucks, depending on their manufacturer. They are best used when your main concern is saving space, as their design means they can achieve a far greater storage density than other trucks. Their short turning radius and ability to carry loads directly from the rack enables you to store more goods quickly and efficiently, instead of having to load and reload pallets twice onto the same machine.

Increased tool store capacity means room to grow

The reconfiguration combined with the investment in a new pivot head forklift, optimised floor space and increased tool store capacity. It’s created efficiency savings as tools are more easily accessible and leaves room for continued growth.

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