In-line recycling of plastic waste reduces costs

Capturing waste plastic and channelling it into efficient recycling and recovery routes is widely recognised as a key way to reduce costs and the environmental impact across the plastics injection moulding industry.

8th August 2019

The recyclability of plastic is also one of its key strengths as an extremely resource-efficient material and used plastic should ideally be regarded as a valuable resource rather than ‘waste’.

Preside granulators to optimise the costs and minimise waste in realtime

Rapid granulators for injection moulding meet the business environmental challenges of optimising the costs and minimising waste. Using in-line recycling of plastic waste, via a preside granulator means plastic waste gets instantly reground and can be directly added back to the injection moulding machine. As the plastic is recovered and recycled during the manufacturing process, it provides closed loop recycling.

Recycling plastic in the demanding plastic injection moulding industry

  • Provides a sustainable source of raw materials to the industry
  • Greatly reduces the environmental (especially the CO2) impact of plastic-rich products
  • Minimises the amount of plastic being sent to the UK’s landfill sites
  • Avoids the consumption of the Earth’s oil stocks
  • Consumes less energy than producing new, virgin polymers
  • Embeds the right values and behaviour to reduce human impact on the environment

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