Leading manufacturer of powered orthopedic instruments chooses Tex Plastics

With an extensive white room and clean room cell, Tex Plastics, Barnstaple has enjoyed long term relationships with medical device manufacturers.

8th November 2019

More recently the business has won contracts to produce housing for specialist medical equipment for the worlds’ leading manufacturer of powered orthopedic instruments.

Innovation is the key

Helping develop and produce solutions for a rapidly changing global healthcare market requires innovative thinking and a collaborative approach. Working with the medical device manufacturers we’ve learnt that the aesthetics of the device are often as important as the solution it delivers. Whether the client needs us to create a bacteria resistant surface, a comfortable grip for prolonged use or some other device specification.

Working in partnership always delivers the best results

Our development team is tasked with the technical challenges of the brief, it’s their expertise which will help the client to develop the very best product. This is only possible if both the clients’ development team and our design team work as one to refine the brief and fully understand all the requirements. Only then can the product be designed for manufacture so it delivers the best possible user experience. The better the product is, the more the client sells, the greater volume required – so it’s a win-win for all parties.


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