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Sophie Hodgson is the latest Apprentice Appointment at Tex Plastics, and joins the Quality Assurance team as a Quality Engineer.

11th November 2019

BTEC Level 3 Engineering combined with hands-on experience

Sophie’s apprenticeship means that she is studying BTEC Level 3 Engineering with Chesterfield College at a facility close to the Derby operation. But more importantly, she’s getting in-house training, support and experience from the Quality Assurance team at Tex Plastics Derby. This means she gets a total understanding of how parts are made, the processes they need to go through and the part they play in their application within a finished product.

Understanding what’s important and what makes it more interesting

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after leaving school, and was offered a variety of apprenticeship opportunities close to my home in Derby. What appealed to me most with the opportunity at Tex Plastics was the diversity of products made and their applications. I had not really appreciated the work which goes into everyday products found in the home, but whether it’s a remote control or kick-plate on a washing machine I now have an insight into how they are manufactured. It’s really interesting and I am loving engineering and learning about quality control for plastic injection moulding.

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