5S Training at Barnstaple reaps rewards

A series of 5S training events have been held over the past 8 months to ensure everyone in the business understands the principles of the Lean Six Sigma method of 5S.

2nd January 2020

The Lean Six Sigma method of 5S

5S is focused on the eradication of all waste and optimisation in the workplace. It’s based upon the principle ‘Master your work environment and productivity will increase.’ Tex Plastics practices the lean 5S System which benefits our clients by having faster set up times and reduced operating costs.

5S training at Tex Plastics Barnstaple

The training is part of a wider business improvement programme, including environmental awareness and employee wellbeing. The 5S element was focused upon taking our people through the 5S methodology and we then provided a practical area within the production environment to apply the new found skills. The team generated a number of improvements which have been implemented and have already seen a benefit in terms of housekeeping and efficiency.

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