A new home product moulded part benefits from DFM

New client chooses Tex Plastics because product development was key to their business plan.

3rd February 2020

How do you choose the right Plastic Injection Moulding solution?

If you have a product to manufacture, but have never used plastic injection moulding before, then this is probably the question running through your mind. Winning new business in any sector is challenging, in injection moulding the price is often the key decision factor. Everyone understands price, however when asked why us, a new client’s response was; because you demonstrated a desire to make our product better.

Tooling is expensive, so make sure it’s right!

The reason Tex Plastics put so much into their design and development phase, when onboarding a new customer, is because it is very expensive and has to last a long time. The investment in exploring the marginal gains which can be achieved can really enhance a products aesthetics, performance and manufacturing costs.

“Tex Plastics took the customer through a design and development phase reviewing the 3D designs to improve the products manufacturability and mouldability to give maximum efficiencies in production. An added bonus was the enhanced cosmetic finish of the moulded parts compared to the previous manufacturing process which was vacuum forming”.

Nigel Partridge
Sales Manager Tex Plastics

Tex Plastics are a highly technical moulder

Whether or not a company is right for you depends on your requirements. If you want a product manufactured that needs tight tolerances, you must look for a company that has a track record of manufacturing technical products, instead of one that manufactures toys.

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