Apprentice mentoring paying dividends

Tex Plastics has invested in two new moulding technician apprentices, providing mentoring and a multifaceted training programme.

10th February 2020

Science Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship

Terin and Farhan are being mentored by Stephen Salmond, in addition to their Specialist Advanced Polymer Training, they have in-house training on the various aspects of injection moulding. This includes areas such as design support, tool procurement, business improvements, Lean 5S and plastic injection moulding. The initial training programme is scheduled to last 30 months, and upon successfully achieving their qualifications there will be other apprenticeship opportunities to advance their careers in the field of injection moulding.

“The course is good but I enjoy the hands on learning best, it makes the college work make more sense when applied practically.”

Terin Spenser

“Every day is different, the types of products we make here make what we do really interesting and it’s great to have someone like Steve focused on helping us reach our full potential.”

Farhan Ahmed

“The two lads are great, they’re keen to learn, eager to take on new skills and mentoring them has been far more rewarding than I could have imagined.”

Stephen Salmond

Investing in the future of the business

Tex Plastics is focused on bringing new blood into the business to ensure the knowledge of the older generations within the workforce could be passed on. The new machinery is easier to use, and being digital the younger employees take to the change easier than their senior counterparts. However, there is no substitute for experience and this is where the mentoring comes into play. Troubleshooting problems is accelerated when working together, so in addition to the technical knowledge, Terin and Farhan are learning valuable life skills – and have already been fully welcomed into the team here at Tex Plastics, Derby.

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