Switch from Vacuum Forming to Injection Moulding

Larger injection moulding capability is attracting the higher volume products being vacuum formed, as production costs are significantly lower.

17th February 2020

Large Injection Moulding Capability Driving Switch

With good tool design vacuum forming can achieve sophisticated products and a range of special features. It’s great for low volumes but as volumes increase the cost savings are minimal. Tex Plastics are experiencing a surge in demand for their large injection moulding capabilities. The majority of enquiries are from manufacturers who need a big part and are currently using vacuum forming.

Benefits of Large Injection Moulding over Vacuum

With injection moulding, the plastic is injected inside the mould, which means the product can have just about any shape, finish, metal inserts, more than one moulding material, etc. Unlike vacuum forming, injection moulding can achieve incredibly small tolerances, achieving identical products time and time again. The only negative is the upfront investment in tooling. However, once a critical volume is achieved, the financial gains of switching are enhanced by significant improvements in the plastic component being moulded.

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