Barnstaple invest in 650 Tonne machine

Large injection moulding capability increasing at Tex Plastics Barnstaple, in preparation we have been rationalising floor space and installing overhead cranes.

6th April 2020

Providing leaner production and increased capacity

As the increase in larger moulding continues and Tex Plastics Derbys’ investment pays dividends, Tex Plastics Barnstaple has optimised its facilities floor space, to make way for the new machine.

“The demand for larger moulded pieces and more environmentally efficient manufacturing has been the driving force behind this latest series of upgrades and equipment renewals. As the Tex Plastics divisions continue to compliment each other with the range of size and solutions we offer at the two locations, we are mindful of the need to build in redundancy to our clients. Having a 650 Tonne injection moulding capability at Barnstaple means we can mirror the Derby facility and visa versa.”

Justin Davis
Managing Director of Tex Plastics

Energy efficiency and lowering our Carbon Footprint

A driving factor in the purchasing decision of almost every new opportunity is the environmental impact of the components we manufacture. Single use plastic is rapidly reducing, however the energy and material efficiency of the new injection moulding machines is making a real difference in the carbon footprint of the components reduced. By using less power we spend less energy costs and emit fewer carbon emissions. Reducing our overheads through energy saving makes us more competitive, and in times of economic uncertainty this can be a great benefit.

Reduced maintenance, increased process yields and quality

Paying attention to our energy efficiency has also highlighted maintenance optimised process yield and quality improvement. The investment on the new 650 Tonne injection moulder will provide significant additional productivity benefits. The ability of Tex Plastics to make rational and informed decisions about the use of energy on both sites will play an increasing role in helping to manage the new challenges in a changing business climate.  

Switching from Vacuum Forming to Injection Moulding

The investment in the larger injection moulding capability is attracting interest from UK manufacturers who have larger products vacuum formed in higher volumes. As injection moulding production costs are significantly lower. Many are discovering the increase in quality coupled with a more holistic view on volumes, supply chains and warehousing means it makes sense to switch.

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