Reshoring of plastic injection moulding

Plastic injection moulding previously manufactured in Europe and China is increasingly migrating back to Tex Plastics in the UK.

13th April 2020

Reshoring is a growing trend with UK businesses

This reshoring trend is not exclusive to the plastic injection moulding industry, a recent study has published that around half of businesses in the UK have actively reshored part of their operations or have been considering doing so.

Helping clients reshore their plastic injection moulding

Tex Plastics has an experienced team who understand the reshoring process for your injection moulding needs. A comprehensive solution starts with tooling reviews to understand any modification requirements and ensure your plastic injection moulding reshore is a smooth transition. Our team work closely with your procurement and technical teams to understand required stock holdings and project timelines to ensure there is no interruption to your business or customers.

Why are UK businesses reshoring plastic injection moulding?

“Feedback indicates that the language barriers, distance and quality of goods produced have sparked a revival in business reshoring. However, environmental pressures, increasing legislation and more innovative injection moulding and supply chain solutions are seen as the key drivers. “

Nigel Partidge
Sales Manager Tex Plastics Division

10 reasons to reshore your plastic injection moulding to the UK:

  1. Designed for manufacture – an offshore moulder is only interested in providing production, not design. As a result, the finished product may not be what the client actually wants or needs. By the time the product is shipped to the client, it’s often too late to fix design mistakes that could have been avoided otherwise.

  1. Design and product innovation – no language barrier or time difference to prevent product development.

  1. Fast turnaround and shorter lead times – you get greater flexibility with no sea or air freight to delay production or delivery. If any engineering or part changes need to be made, these changes are difficult to make, and the customer bears the cost of any obsolete inventory. While quick turnaround is possible, the client likely has to pay additional costs for expedited delivery.

  1. Traceability and inventory management – Tex Plastics carefully monitor every step of the manufacturing process and maintain detailed traceability records to ensure quality control.

  1. Ownership – Your mould tools would reside in the UK, giving you the option to see them, touch them and feel more confident about controlling they’re whereabouts if things go wrong and you want to switch supplier.

  1. Reduce carbon footprint – by removing factors such as ocean and air freight and using our UK plastic injection moulding factory which is more environmentally friendly than most overseas factories the risk and carbon footprint is reduced.

  1. Consultancy and a personal touch – we are delighted to offer a customer centred approach to our plastic injection moulding and strive to develop lasting partnerships with our customers.

  1. Your designs are protected – It is always critical to choose a manufacturer you trust to keep your unique designs safe. Tex Plastics meet multiple standards and certifications that not only promise high quality, but also integrity.

  1. Cost – all elements of costs managed and reduced, production, quality, transport and overseas product management

If you evaluate everything from energy costs to customer value points, it’s all in one direction – in favour of reshoring.

Find out how we can help you drive waste out of your plastics injection moulded parts and associated supply chain