Medical device housing contract win for Barnstaple

Tex Plastics are experts in product development in technical materials to provide the inherent qualities needed within the finished component.

27th April 2020

Aesthetic qualities for hygiene and handling

When working on any development project, the technical design team at Tex Plastics conduct a 360° review. This is a collaborative process working with the client’s product design team to review the qualities needed in the finished plastic component. This is then worked through the mould design, materials selection, manufacturing process and any finishing and assembly requirements. It results in a more robust and ‘fit for purpose’ component with minimal waste, which is manufactured in the most efficient way.

Lower volume manufacturing capability

Tex Plastics Barnstaple expertise combined with lower volume manufacturing capability was key to the contract win has developed a niche in the area of medical device component manufacturing, because of its ability to manage smaller volumes whilst offering white room and cleanroom injection moulding facilities. The component was moulded in Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) a kind of crystalline polymer with a sharp melting point (225-235ºC). It was selected because of its fast rate of cooling and crystalline speed. Moulding the component in (PBT) gives excellent stain resistant and machining characteristics. This enables efficient use of material to reduce weight and cost and delivers excellent short-term mechanical properties, such as high strength, toughness and stiffness as well as good practical impact.

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