Construction Products and Components exposed to the elements

24th August 2020

The outdoor environment is very demanding on plastic injection moulded components, and no environment is more challenging than the construction industry.

Plastic injected products moulded for the outdoors need to be tough and innovative to continually better the experience and durability for the end user. Which is why Tex Plastics design to innovate and provide value to our partners, and for the end customer. From the selection of highly technical polymer’s to withstand the UV and extremes of climate conditions, to the inherent functional requirements needed.

Whether your product needs to be durable to withstand an explosion, the riggors of high use or simply be a cosmetic façade, you can be sure Tex Plastics have the experience and technical know-how to engineer you the right solution. Our target customers and partners are the next generation of innovators.  Those that have an idea for a new product, a better product, and need a partner to make their sketch a reality.

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