Direct to line supply of injection moulded parts

If you require your product direct to your line side Tex Plastics can deliver!

5th October 2020

Social distancing can make businesses leaner

During the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have reviewed their manufacturing processes, to explore how they can minimise human interaction wherever possible. One area which has proven effective in reducing costs and minimising contact is if the plastic components Tex Plastics manufacture are shipped direct to the assembly line.

Reducing cost, lead-times and unnecessary supply chain management headaches.

By rethinking how the end product gets manufactured has enabled us to work closely with clients to develop a direct line feed service. This reduces the handling on site as products no longer get stored but our deliveries replenish the line feed directly. With a 48 hour to 24 hour replenishment cycle, clients have also reduced inventory storage. Combine this with Tex Plastics facilitating sub-assembly and kitting operations, it’s also reduced transport between suppliers and timescales.

Let us help you to streamline your component supply chain and maximise the costeffectiveness of the component produced.

Find out how we can help you drive waste out of your plastics injection moulded parts and associated supply chain