The new normal – post COVID-19 at Tex Plastics

Protecting our customers and employees throughout the coronavirus crisis.

19th October 2020

Working to support essential sectors and keep things running

Like every business on the planet Tex Plastics was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some of our team were furloughed during the lockdown, our manufacturing team were working hard as we continued to step up production to support customers who manufactured hygiene products. The demand to supply sanitisers, now commonplace at the entrance to every store, pub and business was fulfilled during the height of lockdown. Together with other hygiene products needed in battle to make environments Covid Safe, Tex Plastics have been kept busy.

Our plastic injection moulding teams at both Derby and Barnstaple quickly adapted to the new ways of working and their safe working procedures, implementing social distancing and enhanced hygiene procedures. These were very strange times but as many other businesses and business owners found out – this is when you discover the strengths and vulnerabilities in your team.

I couldn’t have asked for more from the teams at Tex Plastics. The manner in which our people responded to the challenges and pace of change was admirable. I feel an enormous sense of pride at the way in which our team conducted themselves during these unprecedented times. Supporting our customers and each other at a time of great uncertainty demonstrated something I have always felt – we have great people here at Tex Plastics.

Justin Davies Managing Director, Tex Plastics

As the World adjusts to the new norm we have learnt some valuable lessons

Our operations have become leaner, more focused and adapted tremendously to the new ‘covid safe’ working procedures. Our people are focused on the health and safety of all our customers they serve. It feels like a huge reset button has been pressed and people have learnt to appreciate what really matters in life. Lets just hope that as people return to work as the furlough scheme ends in October, we remember this one positive to come out of the experience.

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