Program management of injection moulded projects

Program management of any injection moulded plastic components helps optimise the products performance and design out waste to keep costs down.

7th December 2020

5 Steps of program management of injection moulded projects

Plastic moulding project management begins with determining the feasibility of the product’s use, design and production, and the potential cost to bring it to market. With this in hand the Tex Plastics design for manufacture team set to work with you on the project plan for your plastic injection moulding requirements.

Step 1: Planning & Program Definition: Setting product needs and expectations Establishing project delivery process Defining project quality objectives Defining Product design

Step 2: Product Design & Development: Complete Product Design Define material specifications Complete design approvals / agreements Complete DFM Analysis – Control plan generation

Step 3: Designing & Developing the Process for Manufacture: Planning the manufacturing processes ‘process flow’ and configuration of operational process and quality specifications, through to product packaging and finishing requirements

Step 4: Validating the Process and the product: Test phase for validation, confirming process capability and reliability and reporting of measures and countermeasures to issues

Step 5: Launch, Assessments and Continuous Improvements: Production handover evaluation on process improvements and potential for continuous improvements to be incorporated in the 360° Review

360° Review

Our team are focused on helping you develop higher performing, lower cost solutions for your plastic injection moulding products. Which means when the process has been designed, it is reviewed to an agreed timeframe of volume. This process is to ensure your component supply chain is streamline, reduce lead times and maximise the cost-effectiveness of the component produced.

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