2020 a year to remember or a year to forget?

Tex Plastics saw client acquisition on par with previous years but combined sales of precision injection moulding and post moulding operations increased by 22%.

28th December 2020

Driving change, innovation and digitisation in manufacturing

As we end 2020 and look to 2021, many manufacturing businesses will have adapted to the changes forced upon everyone as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the disease has had a devastating impact on peoples lives and the global economy, those businesses who were able to carry on working needed to quickly accommodate a new way of working. People working from home, video conferencing, and adopting all manner of digital technologies to facilitate sharing or just getting the job done were embraced at break-neck speed.

Demands in hygiene and home improvement products

The largest growth areas in manufactured precision plastic injection moulded products at Tex Plastics was unsurprisingly hygiene products, which are everywhere we go these days. In addition to this obvious growth area were products manufacturers for the appliance, DIY and construction sectors. Presumably as people spent more time in their homes and sought to upgrade or improve their environment.

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