Construction Injection Moulding

One of the growth areas for Tex Plastics has been plastic injection moulded products and components for use in the construction sector.

8th February 2021

Specialist knowledge of injection moulding for the construction sector

The construction sector is very demanding on plastic injection moulded components, and no environment is more challenging than the construction industry. Whether moulding plastic parts for the outdoor environment or inside buildings, the technical mould design right through to post moulding operations is key. It’s not simply about low cost, rapid turnaround and reliability of the bespoke plastic components. More often it’s because our technical team help enhance the product strength, durability and performance through their in-depth knowledge of the plastics and the injection moulding process in relation to construction.

Solving the technical challenges of injection moulded parts in construction

Tex Plastics design and manufacture an enormous range of components, tools and equipment for the construction sectors. Whatever the brief needs, lightweight, maximum versatility, top-quality durable finish that can withstand weathering, heavy use and exposure to chemicals or other rough construction materials. Plastic injected products can be used for the smallest of components inside construction equipment, to forming safety critical parts of buildings or large-scale construction projects.

The winning formula for injection moulding in construction

Construction is a demanding environment and only through working in partnership with our clients can we develop a true understanding of their specific products functional requirements. It’s this collaborative approach which enables us to react accordingly to challenges, both faced by the product throughout its lifetime and the competitors in the market. Achieving the right product quality and durability, combined with call off of timescales and stock holding is all built into the process. Understanding all aspects of the clients needs means our expert advice can focus on the best possible tooling configurations. Right through to sourcing the most cost-effective materials, we are capable of delivering market leading performance for each product and application.

Tex Plastics design and development team become an extension of your business to ensure success. We can work with you from the initial product designs, mould tooling, product manufacture. We can even distribute your product direct to the end user from our warehouse.

Designing injection moulded products with health and safety in sharp focus

Health and safety are of paramount importance when designing injection moulded products to be used on construction sites and general construction applications.

The benefits of plastic injection parts in the construction industry

While plastic injection moulding is a versatile process that has application in countless industries, it’s arguably most valuable to the construction industry. The characteristics of plastic injection moulded parts make them ideally suited to construction applications.

Lightweight, material recyclability, durability and high material stability

Even though plastics are some of the most durable materials available in construction today, they are incredibly lightweight. This makes them easier to move around the job on site.

High durability when exposed to the elements

Many materials commonly found in the construction industry – including wood and metal – rot, rust, or corrode when exposed to the elements. Plastic injection moulded parts are corrosion and rot resistance. Plastic parts can achieve very tight seals that many other materials cannot, this makes it ideal for weatherisation related projects.

Greater cost-effectiveness compared to metal and wood alternatives

Plastic injection moulded parts are very economical, especially when they are compared to materials like wood, metal, and even glass. Injection moulding offers clear advantages over other production techniques with regards to costs, production numbers and application possibilities.

“Tex Plastics have worked with a wide variety of clients within the construction sector for many years. Our technical team have assisted our clients enhance designs for manufacture to reduce unit cost and enhance functional performance. Helping clients develop new and exciting plastic injection moulded parts and products become market leaders in their field.”

Nigel Partridge Sales Manager Tex Plastics

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