Negri Bossi 400 Tonne Canbio machines add to Tex Plastics capacity

The two additional 400 tonne machine increases the capacity of Tex Plastics in this machine range, adds the latest technology machines to our portfolio plus supports our low carbon strategy.

24th May 2021

Helping Tex Plastics achieve a lower carbon footprint

Smarter working is a combination of several things, but reducing costs is often the key driver. Whether it is reducing cycle times, energy bills or maintenance costs – our investment decisions are always based heavily on saving money over the medium to long term. I knew that we could reduce energy usage by installing the new Canbio ST 400 Full Servo Drive machines. Our rough calculations have indicated that we’ve reduced energy consumption by switching out the ageing machines by as much as 50%. On top of this it’s estimated cycle times also offer a reduction of 10%, as a result of dual hydraulic gear pumps allowing for parallel movement of ejectors, cores and mould opening. Combine this with the maintenance savings and you see why the replenishment programme of old machines is paying dividends.

Highly competitive injection moulding solutions

Our continued investment programme based upon an ongoing review of greener injection moulding solutions enables us to remain highly competitive in the market place. Looking at the whole supply chain means we design in lower cost manufacturing through excellent engineering of tooling, mould flow and general DFM awareness for the post moulding operations. This means when manufacturers are looking for plastic injection moulding partners, our proposition is from cradle to grave and provides potential savings throughout the manufacturing process, not just for the costs of the injection moulded part.

Consumer demand is driving smarter manufacturing solutions

As consumers demand lower carbon footprint products, and OEM’s crave competitive pricing plus the security of a shorter UK based supply chain, Tex Plastics ‘low carbon strategy’ has seen our sales increase. Our lower energy focus starts with great design, energy efficient manufacturing but also focuses on how we can reduce miles travelled. This predates the supply chain issues experienced as a result of the pandemic and leaving the EU – but with this backdrop, it’s enabled us to capitalise on our new found strategic strengths.

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