Expanding capacity to meet increased injection moulding demand

Tex Plastics Barnstaple site has dynamically shifted to accommodate the increased production demands, but is now exploring making weekend shifts a permanent fixture.

31st May 2021

The smaller footprint of Barnstaple means a different approach

If anyone has ever visited our Barnstaple plastic injection moulding facility you cannot have failed to notice that it is ‘land locked’ by residential properties. Unlike the site at Derby, where their expansion has been delivered through a combination of optimised processes, increased shifts and additional units, Barnstaple has fewer options. Innovative use of space and optimisation of manufacturing cells can only expand capacity to a point, and even with a replacement programme of more efficient injection moulding machines – more production was needed.

A flexible approach to manufacturing plastic parts

Tex Barnstaple site has always had a flexible shift system to expand and contract capacity seasonal production volumes and peaks in demand. 2020 saw the business patterns change and production demands grow in an unprecedented year. With the flexible shift patterns stretching for longer periods and the employees although willing, becoming fatigued from the constant demand, the management team are now looking to expand the workforce and make the weekend shifts a permanent feature.

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