Life critical component re-shored to shorten supply chain

With increasing demands on PPE, especially facemasks and breathing products, shortages in capacity overseas has created a need for UK manufacturing.

14th June 2021

Life critical breathing valve to be injection moulded by Tex Plastics

With highly dangerous environments and activities or where the two combine, there isn’t an option for failure. Tex Plastics have a pedigree in producing plastic moulded components on which peoples lives depend – and it’s for this reason they were approached to injection mould this ‘life critical’ plastic part. The Tex Plastics product development team worked with the clients design team, taking the product drawings through a design for manufacture process, incorporating materials selection, prototyping and testing. With common objectives to help preserve life in whatever application, whilst producing a plastic part and any relevant combination of post moulding services – focused on making the unit price as competitive as possible.

Why re-shore?

With no sea or air freight to delay production or delivery there are immediate benefits. No language barrier or time difference to prevent product development. Plus you get all the benefits of a more partner orientated approach to business, with proactive suggestions on design for manufacture benefits impacting unit costs, cosmetic appearance or environmental impact. Tex Plastic Injection Moulding carefully monitor every step of the manufacturing process and maintain detailed traceability records to ensure quality control. What’s more we can offer an integrated logistics solution, whether this is just in time line feed or outsourcing plastic component sub assembly.

In the early stages of thinking about reshoring plastic injection moulding back to the UK?

Tex Plastics is a plastic injection moulding company operating in the UK with a highly experienced team. They understand the reshoring process, the risks and have robust processes to ensure your business or product is not impacted negatively by the switch. Our development team will first carry out on-site or off-site tooling reviews to understand any modification requirements. To ensure your plastic injection moulding re-shore is a smooth transition, we’ll work closely with your business to understand required stock holdings and project timelines to ensure there is no interruption to your business or customers.

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