Increase in plastic injection moulding enquiries from overseas

Enquiries from the commonwealth countries top those coming from within the EU.

21st June 2021

A continued demand for British manufactured goods

With our exit from the EU, many manufacturers in the UK were unsure of what 2021 would bring. However whether it is as a result of leaving the EU, a growing demand for more resilient supply chains or to gain a foothold in the UK market – Tex Plastics has experienced a increase in demand for plastic injection moulding from overseas & outside UK.

“As UK businesses de-risk supply chains and facilitate the adoption of more flexible, demand-driven business models, Tex Plastics is feeling the benefit as companies look to UK based plastic injection moulders.”

Nigel Partridge Sales Manager, Tex Plastics

A growing demand for advanced injection moulding processes

Tex Plastics is a specialist technical injection moulder, which has expertise working with a range of advanced injection moulding processes including; multi-shot moulding; over-moulding and complex mould design. One reason we’ve heard why our clients choose us is our ability to deliver Just In Time (JIT) production for large production runs, minimising inventory and ensuring they receive high quality moulded parts when they require them.

Find out how we can help you drive waste out of your plastics injection moulded parts and associated supply chain