New machine will run 24/7

All electric 100 tonne machine ordered for Derby site to facilitate critical plastic part order.

26th July 2021

The new machine will run 24/7

The small component is required for a critical NHS product and is a key part in a new precision plastic injection moulding cell infrastructure at Tex Plastics. The cell will include some downstream automation packaging which will keep labour in the production process to a minimum. This 24/7 operation is yet another example of the growing need for UK manufacturing to reshore plastic component manufacture.

Higher quality standards less disruptive supply chain

This contract would have most likely been moulded off shore in greater volumes to achieve the price point. However post cover, Brexit and the uncertainty of freight routes, the client looked at the pro’s and cons of having their moulded plastic parts manufactured in the UK. When they factored in the flexibility of feed to line of smaller quantities, the minimising of storage and ‘scale-ability’ of volumes – the UK came out on top.

New electric injection moulding cell designed around the product

The volumes required for the new product enabled Tex Plastics manufacturing design team to develop a manufacturing cell specific to the fulfilment of this contract. The selection of an all electric injection moulding machine was both performance-oriented and cost-efficient. The high-precision, individually adaptable machine means Tex Plastics can achieve competitive unit costs at all times.

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