Injection moulding 3D branding

Leading manufacturer chooses to have logo injection moulded to increase brand presence in store.

6th September 2021

Injection moulded point of sale

The retail sector has had a difficult time during the past 18 months. Where a lot of manufacturers are looking to ecommerce for increased sales, this OEM has chosen to invest in supporting ‘bricks and mortar’ retail outlets as it’s preferred channel. The focus has been upon making their branding more prominent. Creating the ‘on product’ brand presence needed, had to be carefully managed. It needed to reflect the quality of the product but be a subtle component which adds to the aesthetic quality. The plastic injected badge has created the desired impact, they wanted their logo to be a stylish 3D plate on the front of their product.

The emblem signifies quality

Building unique experiences that allow consumers to develop an emotional connection to your product or service is essential to establishing customer loyalty. Branding refers to the way people perceive your business; these perceptions are a reflection of what your company means to them. In competitive markets, businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves in order for consumers to easily determine where they are going to buy their good or service.

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