Plastics raw materials finder services

Tex Plastics technical team are working proactively with clients to source more sustainable raw materials.

13th September 2021

What if your product could be manufactured more effectively in some other plastic?

The openness to any potential alternative composite plastic materials has increased with the current challenges of raw material availability, lead-times and price volatility. Which means far more customers are open exploring other composite materials for their plastic injection moulding requirements. This provides lots of opportunities for potential savings, as well as inherent properties provided by the new composite material.

Material properties to consider during DFM include:

  • Mechanical properties – how strong does the material need to be
  • Thermal properties – is resistance to heat required
  • Colour – is a specific colour is required
  • Optical properties – does the material need to be reflective or transparent
  • Electrical properties – is the material an insulator or a conductor
  • Flammability – what level of flame resistance is required

New or recycled plastic raw materials?

Tex Plastics has considerable knowledge and experience designing and manufacturing complex technical plastic moulded products and components that are used across a broad range of high-reliability and safety critical industries. Design for manufacture is actively employed and applied throughout the Tex Plastics technical team review of your plastic product. Working with you to find more sustainable solutions or alternatives, whether that’s new or recycled raw materials.

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