New water systems in Barnstaple and Derby

As our clients look to reduce their finished products carbon footprint, Tex Plastics continue to deliver solutions whilst looking beyond the component to the bigger picture.

22nd November 2021

Saving energy, increasing efficiency

In the plastic injection moulding process, the raw plastic material is taken from a hopper into the extruder and is heated and forced through a nozzle to inject the plastic into the closed mould. Chilled water is passed through the cooling channels in the mould to cool the plastic and solidify it quickly.

This is then recycled but as it has been heated during the moulding cycle, it needs chilling before the process can be repeated. As the chiller uses a closed water loop, a better quality of water will be used, resulting in better heat transfer rates, less required maintenance and decreased downtime.

The water chiller systems will reduce water and energy usage and cycle times

Maintaining a constant and proper cooling temperature in our plastic injection process equipment will increase the number of parts produced per hour, and a significant reduction in the amount of defective parts. This is because for a large amount of injection moulding jobs, cooling is approximately 90% of the cycle time; whilst a consistent and reliable supply of the water at the proper temperature to the process will reduce the number of defective parts.

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