Apprenticeship Programme Expansion Key to Recruitment

Tex Plastics recruitment processes promote more flexibility, greater diversity and provide more career options.

28th February 2022

An in-depth understanding comes from investing in people

Tex Plastics has a policy of developing people from within the business, and this is something which has proved successful for employees and customers.

  • Employees love it because they can see the evidence of this in their team leaders, line managers all the way up to the directors. Tex Plastics call it ‘home grown timber’ and with the new Apprenticeship Programme can support the strategic development of critical skills, at the same time as supporting employees’ own development goals.
  • Customers love it as they know the person they speak with will understand the processes first hand. The managers are more likely to have worked themselves through the ranks and this equips them with a real understanding of the relevant manufacturing process involved in their product. A key benefit of this is sharing knowledge and working together to solve problems.

A game-changing talent pool is out there

In addition to proactively promoting from within, Tex Plastics are also exploring ways to tap into the wider talent pool. This involves job sharing schemes, breaking down shift patterns which work with the school run; or people who may have retired and need a boost to their income, but want to work a limited number of hours per day.

Tex Plastics promote a gender balanced, diverse and inclusive workplace, which represents all parts of society. This is more important than ever before, to ensure we do not miss out on the potentially game-changing talent that will allow us to tackle the biggest labour challenges faced in a decade.

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