Secondary Operations Manager Promotion

Curtis Elliott has risen through the ranks at Tex Plastics to become Secondary Operations Manager
at the Derby facility, to take control over all secondary moulding processes.

11th April 2022

Investing in our people is key at Tex Plastics

People make the difference in any business and Tex Plastics Injection Moulding focuses on the development of their people to ensure everyone feels valued. There is no limit to anyone’s career progression, with many leading management positions held by those who started on the shop floor but who have progressed through the ranks. Curtis Elliott joined TEX Plastics April 2012 as a Finishing Shop Operator and has steadily progressed since then to Secondary Operations Manager, a fantastic achievement.

“My new role is a wide remit, but effectively it’s to look at the capacity options within the department. Explore how we can develop to run more dynamically, on multiple shift patterns, to grow the secondary processes. These incorporate all the post moulding operations, for example assembly, printing, and any added value solutions to maximise our value to the clients supply chain.”

Curtis Elliott Secondary Operations Manager

More efficiency comes from knowing the job and learning new skills

As a part of the progression process, individuals are offered external training to support their personal development and expand their thinking. Combine this with truly understanding the job in hand and it’s an explosive combination. This next phase of Curtis’s development will be a Leadership and Management Course, however he’s already making his mark optimising processes.

In-house Post Moulding Operations shorten lead-times

Whether you need multi-colour printing and finishing options (chrome plating, decorative spraying, RFI shielding); electronic component assembly, product testing, calibration and final assembly of the product cell; Insertion of externally sourced components, assembly of parts and quality control of finished products – Tex Plastics have you covered!

Post Moulding Operations Finishing Services

  • Spray finish
  • Chrome finish
  • Tampo printing
  • Decals supply and application

Added Value Services to Injection Moulded Parts

  • Part assembly
  • Full assembly
  • Centralised purchasing of third party product
  • Electronic testing
  • Air pressure testing
  • Vacuum testing
  • Sonic welding
  • Annealing
  • RFI shielding
  • CNC machining in specialised cell
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Friction welding

Helping Reduce your Production Costs for Plastic Parts

  • Fast Lead-time Response
  • Stock Call-off
  • Turn-key Response
  • Direct to Line
  • Kan Ban Stock
  • Stock Holding Finished Product
  • Stock Holding Raw Materials

360° Review

If you’re looking for reduced carbon footprint on your plastic parts, let us help you streamline your supply chain

Our free 360° Review audit will provide you with access to a ‘no-obligation’ survey of your current plastic parts supply chain. This will examine where savings and product improvements can be made. One of our technical solutions managers, with specific experience in your sector, will conduct the survey. This will be under a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that you can be assured of complete confidentiality.

Find out how we can help you drive waste out of your plastics injection moulded parts and associated supply chain