New Plastic Components Quality Lab Taking Shape

Tex Plastics continued investment programme includes the expansion of its plastic injection moulding quality assurance & testing facilities.

2nd May 2022

Increasing the focus on quality control

Tex Plastics have invested significantly into our quality lab, which allows us to do advanced quality measurements and inspection utilising the latest technology available in the marketplace. But we’ve out grown it! Which is why the new Quality Lab is almost four times the size at 38m2. This increase in size and capacity is to support the higher demand in precision engineered plastic injection moulding.

Specialising in technical moulding to tight tolerances

The long term strategy of Tex Plastics is to continue to help businesses solve problems. Like re-engineering products they never thought possible to produce using plastic injection moulding. Either because of their inherent strength, ultra-tight tolerances or some other factor. However, over the past decade Tex Plastics have manufactured parts to replace metal components, and demonstrated that coupled with the right expertise in polymer selection – anything its possible.

High-quality plastic components

Ensuring that our customer’s plastic components are made of the best materials and to the closest tolerances is essential. To guarantee the highest levels of quality, consistently, Tex Plastics have to consider and control a range of parameters within the process, such as temperature, mould design and machine efficiency.

Quality starts in the design for manufacture process

  • Creating an accurate mould
  • Choosing the right plastic
  • Efficiency of the injection moulding process

Tex Plastics control every aspect of the process from design for manufacture, through to manufacture and post moulding operations, through to supply feed to the customer. Maintaining consistently superior quality manufacturing is essential to our customers, and we’re committed to ensuring we deliver it!

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