From PLC to Group – a Group Led Strategy

In the last 18 months group has undergone a complete refinancing from the largest shareholder and in turn has become a privately owned family business.

30th May 2022

Agile and entrepreneurial to adapt to these challenging times

As a privately owned group, decisions are agile and entrepreneurial, which has greatly supported the businesses within it during these challenging times. A completely new team has been put in place at group level to support the companies going forward – CEO, CFO, COO, CCO. 

Companies have been consolidated from 9 to 5, to increase efficiency and increase capabilities. Investing in Facilities, IT, Health and Safety, Training and Staff Welfare. Further investment is planned in Facilities, IT, Product Development and People. 

Group supported to move forward

The development of a mission, vision and values to improve the groups culture. The companies have Group’s full backing to support their customers’ demands and needs going forward.

TEX Plastics

Tex Plastics Derby & Tex Plastics Barnstaple now TEX Plastics.

Tex Plastics has always been regarded as a single company but has always traded as Tex Plastics Derby and Tex Plastics Barnstaple. This has now been addressed with both merging into Tex Plastics.


G&M and Eurotex International now amalgamated as G&M EUROTEX

G&M are the internationally recognised leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke gensets and control systems for marine vessels such as Royal Navy Destroyers and superyachts, offshore environments including oil and gas platforms, and critical backup power systems for airports, data centres and hospitals.

Eurotex International is the world-renowned, Lloyd’s registered engine refurbishment specialist offering through-life support of marine, traction and land-based diesel engines.


Tex Engineering and BSP International Foundations now amalgamated as BSP TEX.

Tex Engineering is a manufacturer of construction equipment for the Highways and Utilities industry, which also offers a refurbishment, hire and a parts service. BSP International Foundations is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hydraulic piling hammers and ground improvement equipment. High performance products from BSP provide the international construction industry with an advanced site preparation capability and a strong competitive advantage, in terms of both economics and the environment. 


ATC & Tex Special Projects now amalgamated as TEX ATC

Tex ATC are the world-renowned supplier of air traffic control rooms, VCR refurbishment, and bespoke structural, engineering and glazing system solutions for military and civilian applications. Tex Special Projects undertake research and development for leading edge engineering consultancies. Projects include radio frequency-blocking glazing for both civilian and military applications and the flying control rooms (FLYCO) for the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers.


QK Honeycomb Products Ltd now QK TEX

QK TEX manufactures bespoke lightweight honeycomb-structured and composite panels for the retail and exhibition sector and fabricates specialist furniture products for the leisure vehicle industry. The group invested in expansion of the manufacturing site based in Brigg, Lincolnshire. This was completed in 2021 providing more capacity for expansion alongside investment in people, systems and processes to support the expansion.

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