How do you design a product for injection moulding?

Taking a concept design from the drawing board, preparing it for plastic injection moulding and manufacturing needs a specific engineering expertise.

18th July 2022

Concept design to injection moulded part

Design for manufacture (DFM) – designing parts, components or products in such a way that they are easier to manufacture, is a highly skilled process which incorporates several areas of expertise. Design for manufacture in injection moulding is focused on producing an effective, efficient product. So manufacturing it at a lower cost by simplifying, optimising and refining the product design. This means DFM needs to happen well before any tooling has been commissioned. The collaborative process of DFM should include mould tool design engineers, a commercial manufacturing planner, a materials expert, and the product designer – it needs to be a highly collaborative process if you want to deliver the most effective solution.

Aesthetics, environment, compliance and functionality and more

There are so many factors influencing the DFM process. Which is why, if you’re considering the manufacture of complex precision plastic injected moulded products – knowledge and experience in translating the concept design into a production part is essential. Ultimately it has to be commercially viable, which is where Tex Plastics excel. This is because our focus starts with your plastic requirements from ‘design to mould’ and then we explore what post moulding operations will add value, remove cost and provide you with the best possible commercial solution.

Expert DFM knowledge – on tap over a coffee

Tex Plastics ‘Design For Manufacture’ team are amongst the best in the business when it comes to working with product design visionaries. We help translate your product concept, or at least the elements you need in plastic, into a commercially manufactured plastic component. The initial conversation is always free and designed to help you whether you choose us or not.

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