Technical Services

Tex Plastics have continually invested to ensure that they are positioned to offer the most competitive solution for your needs. Whether in metal replacement technology, larger plastic component production or specialist added value services, Tex Plastics is the driving force.

The Tex Group Limited management system, developed by the management teams’ of both Tex Barnstaple and Tex Derby through focusing on their customers needs, allows us to continually review your needs and establish how we can improve what we offer you.

Investing in plant which is fully automated has helped us to minimise waste and reduce cost.

Larger tonnage and sophisticated injection moulding plant – combined with research into polymer technology has helped us produce components in the UK more competitively than ever previously thought.

Our ongoing investment in alliances overseas ensures that we are able to offer you the most competitive solution to all of your plastic injection requirements whilst minimising the risk of your supply chain through professional local management.

Tex Plastics offer the most competitive solutions for your specific requirements – through investment in plant, polymer technology, manufacturing techniques and overseas production we are best positioned to meet your needs.

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