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Supply Chain Management

Working smarter is the key to your products success – Our innovative supply chain management solutions will make your product more competitive in the Global Market.


Tex Plastics main focus is producing components for clients but, our involvement extends to providing pro-active and intelligent solutions designed to rationalise their supply chain in the production of the finished product.

Our expertise in this area has enabled us to retain accounts through developing specific tailored solutions which remove cost from the finished product’s manufacture – not just the specific component or components we produce. Every year we review each strategic account and seek to reduce production costs through investment in new plant providing lower manufacturing cost, new polymers reducing raw material costs and leaner, slicker supply chain solutions.

This is a key component of our internal management process. This ensures that Tex Plastics clients get the best solution for their requirements. It is about keeping your priorities at the forefront of our manufacturing decisions. It is about understanding how the components we manufacture fit within your manufacturing process and product portfolio.

At Tex Plastics we are continually re-examining your requirements against new polymers, manufacturing techniques and locations to ensure you get the very best product to help you remain competitive in your sector.


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