Plastic Injection Moulding Production Capacity

An enviable 13,300m2 of production capacity, coupled with investing in our people, equipment and greener operating practices. We're a plastic injection moulder with world-class technical expertise & solid financial foundations, with the goal of becoming your manufacturing partner for life.


Committed to supporting our customers

  • Two geographically independent sites
  • 25 tonne to 1300 tonne machine range
  • Proactively reducing our environmental impact through energy efficient manufacturing year on year
  • Flexible shift patterns to manufacturing output

Our determination to become as self sufficient as possible has been vindicated. As we’ve been able to minimise road miles and our carbon footprint in relation to any plastic injection moulded components we produce.

Let us help you to streamline your component supply chain, reduce lead times and maximise the cost-effectiveness of the component produced with our extensive post moulding operations. Let us review your plastic parts manufacturing and supply chain and we’ll point out any operational inefficiencies so you can make savings whether you use us or not.

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