Tex Plastics Newsletter Autumn 2021

Find out how much you could be saving with our FREE Audit Call 01271 378528 Barnstaple or 01332 546773 Derby 100 Tonne Electric Arburg Addition The on-going renewal programme saw the addition of a new 100 Tonne Arburg to the Derby facility. Performance-oriented and cost- efficient plastic injection moulding The innovative drive technology of the new electric Arburg makes the machines reliable and economical in the 100 Tonne clamping force range. Its automatic clamping force control and the automatic central oil lubrication system ensure stable processes and effectively minimises set-up and maintenance times. All of which means we can achieve competitive unit costs at all times as Tex Plastics continues to invest in providing greener, more efficient and self-sufficient injection moulding manufacturing solutions. Striving for more energy efficient plastic injection moulding “A large part of the renewal programme is looking at how we can work smarter and lower our carbon footprint. Smarter working is a combination of several things, but reducing costs is often the key driver. Whether it is reducing cycle times, energy bills or maintenance costs – our investment decisions are always based heavily on saving money over the medium to long term. Our continued investment programme based upon an ongoing review of greener injection moulding solutions enables us to remain highly competitive in the market place.” Guy Sentance Production Director & General Manager Nigel Partridge Sales Manager, Tex Plastics British quality and integrity is key factor With an influx of enquiries, especially from the southern hemisphere, Tex Plastics dug a little deeper to understand this change in enquiry level. When prompted, the design houses questioned were fairly consistent in their response. China is no longer the super low priced manufacturing base it once was. This combined with the recent shipping challenges and less than stringent respect for Intellectual Property of design features, has caused many design houses to rethink their manufacturing strategy. Brexit has made the UK a more attractive manufacturing base “The other surprising factor revealed was, as the UK is now out of the European Union, it is regarded as an easier place to do business. The English speaking nations particularly see the benefits in having product manufactured in the UK, listing the quality and ease of communications – especially as now most companies are more flexible around time zones and can communicate via video conferencing. “ Nigel Partridge Sales Manager Tex Plastics Manufacturers making a UK return Many British manufacturers have operations in China, but following the disruption brought by the pandemic, some businesses are considering the benefits of reshoring to the UK. The financial benefits are attractive, with the lower inventory costs and minimal risks associated with fluctuating exchange rates. By bringing business back to the UK, supply chains are shortened, making them less complicated and providing faster recovery times. If COVID-19 has proven anything, it’s that there is a need for an increase in the repatriation of capabilities to the UK. As technology develops and human labour-intensive practices are reduced in favour of automation, there is less need for cheap overseas labour and the UK could be at the forefront of these new, exciting changes to manufacturing and the supply chain. Overseas Design Houses seeking UK Plastic Moulders Tex Plastics has noticed an interesting trend in overseas enquiries that more design houses are seeking out UK manufacturers, as they look to minimise dependency on Chinese plastic injection moulders. Cleanroom expansion installation complete Barnstaple cleanroom manufacturing has significantly increased its capacity with the recent addition of a new 300 tonne machine. A fully validated EN14644 Class 7 (10,000) cleanroom The growing needs of plastic injection moulding contained within a cleanroom, has seen a growth area for Tex Plastics Barnstaple. Initially with a modular cell approach the cleanroom moulding facility has grown with customer demands. However, with a resurgence in UK medical device manufacturing, as well as other electronics plastic injection moulding, the Tex Plastics management team is now revising plans to remodel large aspects of the generic and white room moulding facilities. Smaller volumes of cleanroom plastic injection moulding There seems to be an appetite for plastic injection moulding in a cleanroom environment for smaller volumes. This is a niche area Tex Plastics has capitalised on, largely as a result of working with medical device manufactures to develop prototypes and initial production run quantities.